California-based Tony's Express Shuts Down; Over 200 Left Jobless

Over 200 employees are out of work as Tony’s Express in California closes abruptly. CEO cites fuel costs and market conditions as reasons.

California-based Tony's Express Shuts Down; Over 200 Left Jobless
Image Source: Tony's Express

Fontana, California-based Tony’s Express Inc. suddenly closed its doors on March 28. The 70-year-old trucking company's closure leaves over 200 employees, including drivers and warehouse staff, out of work without last paychecks or medical coverage.

According to reports, CEO John Ohle texted employees on Thursday to break the news of the closure and say they couldn't cover payroll or PTO.

The current market just didn’t support our ability to operate and be a profitable company, and the cost of fuel in California made it very difficult. We were in very serious discussions with two different companies about coming in and partnering or taking over Tony’s, and those fell apart at the very end, and literally, it was a last-minute decision. - CEO John Ohle to FreightWaves

Warning Signs: Red flags were flying for months. Employees noticed cut hours and closed facilities. Then, an insurance hiccup text message came just days before the shutdown.

  • Paper Checks and Bounced Payments: Recently, the switch to paper checks raised eyebrows, especially when some bounced.

Fond Memories: Employees reminisced about better times under the original Raluy family ownership, praising their hands-on and caring approach.

Looking Ahead: No WARN Act notification was filed, leaving employees in a lurch. Many are now scrambling for jobs and filing for unemployment, hoping Tony’s makes good on those final paychecks.

Source: FreightWaves

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