Caminantes Trucking Tried to Buy Insurance One Hour After Fatal Crash

Caminantes Trucking's devastating accident uncovers a web of uninsured trucks, delayed actions, and missed chances to avert tragedy.

Caminantes Trucking Tried to Buy Insurance One Hour After Fatal Crash
Source: Next with Kyle Clark

It's been revealed that Caminantes Trucking, a company connected to a devastating accident in Colorado last year that killed five, tried to purchase insurance for their previously uninsured truck barely an hour post-tragedy. Court documents highlight:

  • The deadly incident occurred in June 2022 along Interstate 25 when a commercial truck hit a stopped car at 75 mph.
  • Jesus Puebla, the 26-year-old truck driver, now faces five counts of vehicular homicide. Notably, Caminantes had nearly 100 trucks operating nationwide without insurance.
  • Although the company, officially named after owner Jose Mauricio Coreas, has a grim history linked to unlicensed drivers and fatal accidents, it's only been fined a mere $21,460 for this catastrophe.
Source: CDL Life

Tweets further highlight a twisted tale. While @TimothyDooner points out that USPS took several months to sever ties with Caminantes after the fatal incident, Justin Martin @supertrucker reveals a massive oversight. He suggests the mere usage of PS Form 5500, which, if implemented by supervisors, could have pushed the company out of business, thereby saving lives.

Source: CDL Life

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