Capacity Leaving

Here's how recent carrier exits and volume trends in the freight market are signaling growth and rate recovery. Experts share their insights.

Capacity Leaving
Image Source: Ken Adamo/LinkedIn

A post from Ash M., Account Exec at Trucker Tools, highlights a 205 net loss of MCs last week, a small sign of relief for the overstretched freight market.

DAT's Chief of Analytics, Ken Adamo, also shared his insights on capacity exits, commenting, "We've net lost nearly 36k interstate motor carrier authorities since October of 2022, and that number is still growing."

Alongside these exits, volume trends are stabilizing, matching 2023 levels and hinting at potential growth. However, tender rejections remain low, and diesel prices, though high, show a gradual decline. Equipment-specific insights reveal nuanced market behaviors:

Load-to-truck ratios across the U.S. Image Source: Ash M./LinkedIn
  • Dry Van rates have dipped, with specific areas showing higher demand.
  • Reefer volumes increased slightly, indicating regional variances in demand.
  • Flatbed sees alignment with previous year levels, suggesting a market in transition.

Sources: Ken Adamo/LinkedIn | Ash M./LinkedIn

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