Fire-Damaged Nikola Electric Truck Reignites, Sparks Recall Questions

A reignited fire in a Nikola electric truck stirs safety concerns and raises questions about potential recalls.

Fire-Damaged Nikola Electric Truck Reignites, Sparks Recall Questions
Image Source: ABC15 Arizona

A fire-damaged Nikola electric truck reignited, triggering safety concerns around the safety of Nikola's battery packs. The original fire, which occurred at Nikola's Phoenix headquarters, is still under investigation. The aftermath could lead to potential recalls, depending on the findings. Reports by Electrek suggest a possible battery defect, with the packs manufactured by Nikola's subsidiary, Romeo Power. The fire reignition and reported battery defect issue raise significant questions about the safety and reliability of Nikola's electric vehicles. The company had previously halted production due to excess inventory and slow sales.

Source: FreightWaves

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