Flexport Aftermath: More Execs Ousted

Dave Clark's departure from Flexport has ripple effects. Executives out and a company refocus.

Flexport Aftermath: More Execs Ousted

Flexport, a digital-focused freight forwarder, is undergoing a major shakeup after Dave Clark, a former top executive at Amazon, abruptly resigned as the company's chief executive.

The story unfolds with disagreements over the company's direction and spending on new operations.

Now the story continues as the company cleans house, parting ways with at least six executives.

Ryan Petersen Takes Charge

  • Flexport founder Ryan Petersen regains control after Clark's departure.
  • Petersen initially shared the role of co-CEO with Clark before taking over as the sole leader.

Cleaning House

  • Flexport wasted no time in making significant changes. - At least six executives hired by Clark were let go, including Teresa Carlson, who joined as president and chief commercial officer.
  • Other departing executives include Darcie Henry, Tim Collins, Kelly Cheeseman, Adrienne Wilhoit, and Jiten Behl.

More on Clark's Departure

Dave Clark, known for overseeing Amazon's logistics network, resigned from Flexport after disagreements with the board. Concerns arose over increased company spending without a corresponding increase in revenue.

Plans for the Future

Flexport remains committed to the end-to-end logistics model. Its investment in Deliverr, acquired along with e-commerce platform logistics operations, will continue.

Source: WSJ

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