Flock Freight's Proposal to USDOT

Flock Freight's proposal to the USDOT advocates for a more efficient supply chain, focusing on reducing freight space wastage

Flock Freight's Proposal to USDOT
Image Source: Flock Freight

Flock Freight, a freight tech company, recently addressed the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) in an open letter. CEO Oren Zaslansky highlights a significant inefficiency in the logistics industry: approximately 50% of heavy-duty trucks operate with half of their capacity unused.

The letter dropped some more interesting numbers based on that stat:

  • Underutilization: This results in about 25% of freight space being wasted.
  • FlockDirect Impact: Flock Freight's service, FlockDirect, uses algorithms to fill these empty spaces, potentially reducing diesel carbon emissions by up to 40%.

The company's proposed solution, aimed at optimizing truckload efficiency, could lead to lowered shipping costs and environmental benefits. With their approach, Flock Freight seeks to collaborate with the USDOT to enhance supply chain resilience.

The letter came right as President Biden opened the first meeting of his supply chain resilience council earlier this week.

Source: Flock Freight

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