Governor Promises I-95 Reopening in 2 Weeks After Crash

Following a major roadway collapse, Pennsylvania's governor announces a swift two-week repair plan for Interstate 95, bringing relief to the trucking industry.

Governor Promises I-95 Reopening in 2 Weeks After Crash

Pennsylvania Governor has made an optimistic announcement that the Interstate 95 (I-95) in northeast Philadelphia, which recently suffered a section collapse due to a fiery tanker truck crash, is set to reopen within two weeks. This news brings a breath of relief to the trucking industry, as original estimates suggested the repairs might take months, disrupting commercial and other traffic significantly. This reopening timeframe, if accurate, would notably outperform the 43-day reconstruction of a fire-damaged overpass in Georgia in 2017.

The governor's office provided details on the reconstruction process. After the demolition of the bridge and roadway in four days, laying down a base in the roadway with a foamed glass aggregate fill began. Truckloads of foamed glass aggregate fill were transported from AeroAggregates in Delaware County up I-95 to expedite the reconstruction process. The work is set to continue round the clock, even through the holiday weekend.

Source: FreightWaves

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