How to Transport a 260-Foot Wind Turbine Blade

By tilting blades up to 60 degrees, the Blade Lifter makes it possible to navigate tricky turns.

How to Transport a 260-Foot Wind Turbine Blade
Image Source: Neil Cavill/LinkedIn

A LinkedIn video clip showing a huge wind turbine blade creeping through a town at an almost unbelievable angle has sparked some curiosity. Neil Cavill, Head of Projects at Giacom, posted the video which led to various comments ranging from amazed to concerned. We did some digging to find out why and how the blades are transported this way.

The technology that makes the feat possible is the Blade Lifter System.

  • What’s the Big Deal? The Blade Lifter technology helps move massive blades with minimal environmental fuss.
  • Size Matters: Some blades stretch over 100 meters and are a beast to transport, especially through tight spots.
  • Tech to the Rescue: By tilting blades up to 60 degrees, the Blade Lifter makes it possible to navigate tricky turns.

How Does This Thing Work?

  • Mega Blades: Handles blades up to 80 meters long.
  • Smooth Moves: A special rear trailer keeps things agile on the road.
  • Tilt Tactics: Tilts up to 60º, making it easier to fit through tough spots.
  • Spin It Round: Full 360° rotation helps dodge obstacles, especially on winding mountain roads and city roads.

Who’s Driving?

  • An expert operator controls the blade’s position remotely to navigate challenging environments safely.

Why This Matters

With Earth Day right around the corner, thinking about how we impact the planet is more important than ever. The Blade Lifter reduces the need to alter roads, and it also cuts down on the trips needed to move these blades. That’s a win for Mother Nature.


  • Greener Roads: Fewer new roads needed means we keep more land undisturbed.
  • Saving Dough: Reduces costly construction projects.


  • Slow Going: Speeds need to drop to a crawl (5 km/h) when the blade is up.
  • Watch the Wind: High winds can put a pause on transport plans.

About Iberdrola

The company behind the Blade Lifter is Iberdrola. Basically, they are a European utility company, but they are also a global leader in clean energy. Based in Spain, they’ve grown to become one of the largest providers of wind power on the planet.

Source: Iberdrola

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