ITS Logistics $30M Digital Platform Play

ITS Logistics commits $30M to ContainerAI, aiming to optimize supply chain visibility and client service.

ITS Logistics $30M Digital Platform Play
Image Source: ITS Logistics

ITS Logistics has announced a $30 million investment in developing ContainerAI, a digital platform to enhance container management and supply chain visibility. The company says this move solidifies its commitment to providing its clients with reliable, real-time data analysis.

Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility

  • Tech Expansion: ITS is expanding its technological workforce in the US and India.
  • ContainerAI Features: The platform offers comprehensive visibility from the container's origin to its destination, free for ITS clients.

ContainerAI's Operational Edge
ContainerAI represents a significant technological advancement in the logistics field, where ITS Logistics combines its 25 years of industry experience with cutting-edge digital solutions. This platform stands out for providing clients with actionable insights to improve efficiency and reduce additional costs associated with demurrage and detention.

Strategic Developments

  • Global Tech Teams: New tech office in Chennai, India and a Tech Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, California.
  • Operational Experience: ContainerAI is developed from ITS's extensive background in logistics services, distinguishing it from other tech-first solutions in the market.

Implications for Logistics
Paul Brashier, VP of drayage and intermodal, explained that ContainerAI is set to equip ITS teams and clients with tools to streamline operations and preemptively address cost-related challenges.

Source: FreightWaves

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