Layoffs at MoLo and Parade

Insiders and LinkedIn trails reveal apparent layoffs at MoLo and Parade. Official announcements have not been made.

Layoffs at MoLo and Parade

FreightCaviar recently received intel from our LinkedIn followers about apparent employee reductions at MoLo Solutions, which is under ArcBest's umbrella. Though the source wishes to remain anonymous currently, they stated that this decision, part of a larger restructuring effort, was communicated during a company-wide meeting.

The source also reported that there are plans to merge account management and customer operations roles, alongside a shift from salaried to hourly pay for operational roles.


  • Strategic Decisions: The layoffs were said to be part of a broader initiative to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across the board.
  • Employee Opportunities: Impacted individuals were apparently given a chance to interview for a newly posted position.

Parade Faces Layoffs Too

Similarly, Parade has experienced its own set of layoffs, with affected employees turning on their "Open to Work" banners.

Katie M., a former Onboarding Team Lead at Parade, shared a post titled "Seeking New Opportunities After Company Layoff," saying, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've recently been laid off from my position at Parade. While this news came as a surprise, I'm embracing this as an opportunity for growth and new beginnings."

Neither ArcBest nor Parade have made an official announcement regarding these layoffs.

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