Learn to Win Secures $30M Series A Funding

Learn to Win raises $30M to revamp enterprise training with AI-driven solutions, already impacting the U.S. Navy and top freight firms.

Learn to Win Secures $30M Series A Funding

Learn to Win, a leader in personalized, predictive, and secure enterprise training software, has announced a $30 million Series A funding round.

Key Points:

  • Funding Details: $30 million Series A led by the Westly Group, with Norwest Venture Partners and Pear VC also participating.
  • Company Background: Founded in 2019, Learn to Win has quickly gained traction with a 140% net revenue retention rate and is on pace for 3x growth in annual recurring revenue.
  • Clientele: Includes the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Novartis, AbbVie, Los Angeles Rams, and University of Michigan football team.
  • Special Recognition: Only modern training tech accredited to serve IL6 (SECRET) customers at the Department of Defense.

Learn to Win, founded in 2019, has rapidly emerged as a key player in the enterprise training software market.

The company’s platform leverages AI and data analytics to create personalized training programs, which are critical in high-stakes environments like the military, transportation & logistics, and healthcare.

Kevin Nolan, Founder of NTG Freight:

“I've never seen a software platform directly impact business performance as much as what we've seen with Learn to Win. Our ability to react to dynamic market conditions is 10x faster, we cut the ramp to productivity for new sales hires in half, and Learn to Win's analytics suite gives us data that informs our overall strategy as a senior leadership team.”

As Learn to Win continues to innovate, expect to see further integration of advanced technologies like AI and machine learning in training programs. This will likely lead to even more personalized and effective training solutions, cementing the company’s role as a leader in the field.

Sources: PR Newswire | FreightWaves

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