Lineage Logistics Targets $30B IPO

Lineage Logistics gears up for a major IPO, set to raise the bar in cold storage and logistics with a $30B+ valuation.

Lineage Logistics Targets $30B IPO
Image Source: Lineage Logistics

🧊 Lineage Logistics Eyes Massive IPO

Lineage Logistics, giant of cold storage, is reportedly eyeing a whopping $30B+ IPO in the first half of next year. Here's the scoop:

  • Biggest in Cold Storage: With 400+ facilities and a global footprint, they're the world's top dog in cold storage real estate.
  • Logistics Powerhouse: They offer a full suite of logistics services on top of storage.

They're backed by heavyweight Bay Grove, raising a cool $13 billion in capital so far. Reportedly, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are in on the action as lead underwriters. If they pull this off, they'll leave their public comp's $8 billion market cap, Americold Realty Trust, in the dust.

Community chatter is mixed, from excitement over shaking up the supply chain to skepticism on execution.

Comments on the story from FreightWaves LinkedIn post.

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