Scammers Misusing LIV Enterprises MC# & Uber Freight Gets Hacked

Scammers use LIV Enterprises' MC# for fake deals. Ensure emails are from & call 630-672-8545 for verification.

Scammers Misusing LIV Enterprises MC# & Uber Freight Gets Hacked
Fraudsters are impersonating LIV Enterprise. 

Beware of Scammers Misusing MC#: LIV Enterprises has alerted us of impostors using their MC# to double-broker Amazon loads. These scammers use emails like and phone numbers beginning with 214. Genuine communications from LIV come from domains or, and their official phone numbers start with 630. Confirm legitimacy via their main line at 630 672 8545 before engaging.

Email from John Petrov, Director of Operations at LIV Enterprises.

We also received a DM, showing that Uber Freights DAT had been compromised. Always make sure that the email ending of the person you are in contact with, is the actual company email.

If you have anything you would like to share with us, send me an email at

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