“Project Big Rig” Busts Auto Theft Ring, $9.24M Recovered

Canadian authorities bust major auto theft ring, recovering stolen goods worth $9.24M and arresting 15 individuals in "Project Big Rig" operation.

“Project Big Rig” Busts Auto Theft Ring, $9.24M Recovered
Image Source: Peel Regional Police

A major bust in Ontario, codenamed “Project Big Rig,” resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals linked to a substantial auto theft ring. The group targeted commercial vehicles and cargo, reselling the stolen goods. The successful operation, led by multiple police services, unearthed six theft ring-linked locations within the Greater Toronto Area. Search warrants at these locations led to the recovery of 28 cargo containers, 28 tractors, and trailers, totalling $9.24 million in stolen goods.

The accused individuals face various charges, from property possession obtained by crime to trafficking stolen goods.

Source: Trucking Guide USA

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