Record-Breaking Heatwave In Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix sets a new high-temperature record, with persistent heatwaves.

Record-Breaking Heatwave In Phoenix, Arizona
Farmworkers in Salem, New Mexico, harvested onions at night to avoid working in the heat of the day on Tuesday.Credit: Paul Ratje for The New York Times

Phoenix, Arizona, has set a new record for consecutive days with temperatures of 110 degrees or more, marking 19 days in a row and surpassing a record set in 1974. The persistent heatwave, coupled with the late arrival of the usual monsoon season, is taking a toll on residents, particularly the homeless, and straining health services. People are finding innovative ways to stay cool while the city's health care providers struggle to address an increasing number of heat-related health crises. The relentless heat is a consequence of a high-pressure system that has lingered over the region, possibly intensified by climate change.

Source: NY Times

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