Record Cocaine Bust at Rotterdam Port

A historic drug seizure at Rotterdam sees eight tons of cocaine, worth $653m, concealed in a Maersk ship's shipment of bananas.

Record Cocaine Bust at Rotterdam Port
Image Source: Openbaar Ministerie, Netherlands Public Prosecution Service via AP

The Port of Rotterdam was the scene of a record drug bust as Dutch customs seized eight tons of cocaine from a Maersk containership.

  • Estimated Worth: €600m ($653m).
  • Shipment Origin: Ecuador, routed via Panama.
  • Disguise: Hidden among 12 pallets of bananas.

To put it into perspective, this bust is nearly twice the size of the 4.6 tons found in 2005. Still, globally, it trails behind a 20-tonne cocaine seizure at Philadelphia's port in 2019.

Source: Splash

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