Tesla Delays Semi Production to Late 2025, First Commercial Hydrogen Fuel Station Opens, and More in Green Trucking News

Here's an update on the latest challenges and advancements shaping the green trucking industry, from layoffs to new charging sites.

Tesla Delays Semi Production to Late 2025, First Commercial Hydrogen Fuel Station Opens, and More in Green Trucking News
Image Source: Russ Mitchell/Los Angeles Times

The road to electric and zero-emission trucks isn't without its bumps. Here's what's unfolding:

Tesla Delays Semi Production:

  • Original Promise: Tesla planned to start its Semi production in 2019.
  • New Timeline: Production now set for late 2025, with deliveries beginning in early 2026.
  • Why It Matters: The delay impacts carriers eager for more sustainable options, like PepsiCo, which has only a few models in use.

Lion Electric Faces Setbacks:

Lion's Class 8 Electric Truck. Image Source: Lion Electric
  • Job Cuts: 120 workers laid off, primarily due to delays in government funding.
  • Financial Strain: This marks a continued trend for Lion Electric, which previously laid off 150 workers.
  • Company's Outlook: Despite setbacks, production capacity remains unaffected.

On a brighter note, new developments signal momentum for the electric transition:

Gage Zero’s New Charging Site:

Image Source: Gage Zero/X
  • Location: Fontana, California.
  • Partnership: Collaborating with Kam-Way Transportation.
  • Impact: This site will support fleets transitioning to zero emissions, crucial under California's strict regulations.

D-B Cartage Joins Electric Movement:

Image Source: D-B Cartage
  • USPS Contractor: This makes D-B Cartage one of the first U.S. Postal Services contractor with electric trucks.
  • Public Health Impact: A move to zero-emission trucks by 2040 could save $735 billion in health costs.

First US Hydrogen Fuel Station:

  • Location: Port of Oakland.
  • Capability: Serves 30 hydrogen fuel-cell trucks.
  • Potential: Marks a step towards a cleaner future in long-haul trucking, though challenges with cost and production cleanliness remain.

The integration of electric trucks continues to evolve, driven by innovation and the urgent need for sustainability in freight transport.

Sources: Transport Topics | D-B Cartage/LinkedIn | Gage Zero/PR Newswire | LA Times

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