Tesla Seeks $100M for TX-CA Semi-Truck Charging Route

Tesla proposes to build a $100M charging network for electric semi-trucks, seeking nearly $97M in federal grants and contributing $24M itself.

Tesla Seeks $100M for TX-CA Semi-Truck Charging Route
Image Source: Tesla

Tesla Inc. has put forward an ambitious proposal to build a series of nine electric semi-truck charging stations. The proposed route extends from the southern border of Texas to northern California and could revolutionize long-haul electrified trucking in the U.S. Tesla is seeking nearly $100 million from the U.S. government for the project. This proposal is part of Tesla's bid for federal grants being disbursed as part of a new bipartisan infrastructure program to modernize U.S. transit systems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Tesla plans to contribute $24 million of its own funds to the project, with the remaining $97 million hoped to be covered by federal grants. The impact of such a project could be significant, as commercial trucks are a large source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Transport Topics

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