Hight Logistics, Heineken, and DFDS Chart Path for Electric Semi-Truck Transition

Trailblazers in electrification like Lime and Heineken are setting the pace and blueprint for others to follow.

Hight Logistics, Heineken, and DFDS Chart Path for Electric Semi-Truck Transition
Hight Logistics will use Forum Mobility electric trucks to haul Lime Scooters. Image Source: PR Newswire

The future is electric, and these are some of the top companies leading the charge to meet new regulations and charting a sustainable path for others to follow.

  • California's Driving the Change: Mandated electric drayage trucks by 2035.
  • Lime Partners with Hight Logistics: The electric scooter company pledges zero-emissions for all North American cargo transport from port to hub by 2040.
  • Heineken's Electric Fleet: Collaborates with Einride for beer delivery between the Netherlands and Germany, a distance of about 135 km (83 miles).
  • DFDS and Volvo: One of the largest logistics companies in Europe has ordered 100 electric trucks from Volvo, bringing their total to 225.

Lime’s Initiative with Hight Logistics

Andrew Savage of Lime details their proactive strides towards sustainability: "As we've looked at achieving those goals... it is clear that we are going to need the decarbonization of things like freight, of sea shipping, of manufacturing to be able to meet the ambition that we have to decarbonize our business."

Their partnership with Hight Logistics represents a big step in integrating electric trucks into their logistics from the get-go.

Heineken’s Hybrid Approach

Over at Heineken, Arjen van der Woude is mixing things up. It’s not just about swapping out old trucks for shiny new electrics. He’s choreographing a complex dance of trucks, chargers, and timetables.

"The solution is to integrate it in your network and make sure that the combination of waiting times, charging time, driver limitations on the hours he or she can drive is all managed seamlessly, and that is where [Einride's] platform, the digital platform, kicks in." – Arjen van der Woude, Global Strategic Supply Chain Director at Heineken

Electric Growing Pains

It's not all smooth driving on the road to electrification. Robert Falck from Einride points out that the real challenge isn’t just making trucks that can go the distance; it’s keeping them running round the clock without hiccups.

"People always talk about range. But the range is actually a very inaccurate way of describing the efficiency of the system. What the challenge is with electric is to see that you have the operational uptime to make it competitive versus diesel. That's the challenge." – Robert Falck, Einride CEO

What's Next?

With initiatives like the zero-emissions corridor strategy in place, these are some of the companies leading the charge and designing a map for others as they go. As we see more companies join the electric bandwagon, we will see the question shift from 'why go electric?' to 'why not?.'

🎣 Zero-Emission Freight Corridor
Plus, Revoy’s trailer add-on boosts semi-trucks from burning 6 mpg to 120 mpg, 205 MCs exited the market last week, and HappyRobot AI launches to automate tracking calls.

Source: CNBC via MSN

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