Uber Freight and Aurora Team Up to Bring Self-Driving Trucks to Carriers

The New Premier Autonomy program offers carriers access to Aurora-equipped autonomous trucks through 2030, with Uber Freight providing a shipment network.

Uber Freight and Aurora Team Up to Bring Self-Driving Trucks to Carriers
Image Source: Uber Freight

Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation just made a pretty big step toward "democratizing" self-driving trucks, bringing the industry closer to a driverless future.

The Big News

  • Uber Freight and Aurora launch "Premier Autonomy" program
  • Qualified carriers can buy self-driving trucks through 2030
  • Trucks equipped with Aurora Driver subscription
"When you're a carrier that's looking to bring on autonomous trucks, you need to know how the technology works and whether it'll work within your network." - Zac Andreoni, VP of Business Development, Aurora

What's Under the Hood?

  • Aurora Driver: Self-driving hardware and software
  • 360-degree view with lidar, radar, and cameras
  • Modular design for easy updates

The Road to Autonomy

  • 12-18 month qualification process for carriers
  • Initially, Aurora will own and operate 20 trucks
  • Plans to transition to carriers buying their own autonomous trucks

This isn't just a tech demo. We're talking about real, revenue-generating autonomous freight routes.

Show Me the Money

  • Access to $18 billion of Uber Freight-managed volume
  • Higher utilization could boost efficiency on major corridors
  • Back-office support for load booking, dispatching, and payments
"With higher utilization, AVs can make freight corridors a whole lot more efficient, stimulating growth in the overall volume of freight moved." - Olivia Hu, Head of Autonomous Trucking, Uber Freight

Texas-Sized Success

  • Pilot program running Dallas to Houston since 2021
  • Dozens of loads per week currently
  • Aiming for fully driverless runs by end of 2024

Safety First

  • Aurora's safety case 95% complete
  • Final validation in coming months
  • Enhanced pre-trip inspections for driverless ops

This partnership is about making autonomous trucking a commercial reality at a much faster pace.

Source: FreightWaves

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