25% UCR Fee Increases for Carriers, Brokers

Trucking faces 25% UCR fee hikes in 2025 and rising phishing scams.

25% UCR Fee Increases for Carriers, Brokers

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fees are set to increase by 25% in 2025. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) made the announcement, highlighting that this is after a significant reduction over the past two years. For context:

  • 2025 Fees: Ranging from $46 for small fleets to $44,836 for the largest.
  • 2024 Fees: From $37 to $35,836.

Brokers and Leasing Companies: The fee for a broker or leasing company is now $46 per entity.

While the 2025 fees are still lower than in 2019 ($68 for a single truck), this increase could be the start of an upward trend.

The Price of Bureaucracy

Why the hike? FMCSA aims to ensure states have enough revenue for motor carrier safety programs and enforcement. However, this hike has raised eyebrows.

Many in the industry question where the funds are going. The FMCSA defended the increase, saying:

"[T]his is the first upward adjustment since 2010. The UCR Plan’s approved allocation for the costs of administration of the Plan and Agreement over the last several years decreased from $5 million per year and is now at $4.25 million. For these reasons, FMCSA declines to modify the final rule in response to the commenters’ suggested changes."

The decision is upheld for the UCR and the 41 participating states.

A Plague of Scams

While fees are rising to fund safety programs, the industry continues to be plagued by simple email phishing scams that have opened the doors to a flood of fraudulent players. Owner-operator Wayne Bruene recently received a fake safety audit email, urging him to submit sensitive information. This scam, designed to look like a legitimate FMCSA communication, is a stark reminder of the need for vigilance. The email claimed:

  • Immediate action needed to avoid an onsite audit.
  • Submission of documents like driver’s license and inspection reports.

WSTA's Joe Rajkovacz noted that the scam closely mimics FMCSA’s legitimate emails, making it easy to fall for. To protect yourself:

  • Verify suspicious emails with FMCSA or your state's division office.
  • Look for .gov email addresses, as legitimate communications will use this extension.

Truckers and fleet owners need to stay informed and cautious. Higher UCR fees mean more expenses, but understanding where these funds go and advocating for transparency can help.

Sources: Land Line Media | Overdrive Online

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