Winter Produce: Top 5 Reefer Commodities & Origins

What are the leading reefer commodities for this winter produce season, and where are they coming from? Find out here.

Winter Produce: Top 5 Reefer Commodities & Origins
Image source: USDA

The USDA data from the past 30 days sheds light on the most transported commodities in the refrigerated freight sector:

  1. Potatoes - 67.5 million lbs, maintaining their staple status in American diets.
  2. Apples - Approximately 42.5 million lbs. 'Tis the season for apple pies, apple cider, and apple butter.
  3. Dry Onions - Around 28.4 million lbs transported.
  4. Tomatoes - Nearly 17.7 million lbs, a key ingredient in diverse cuisines.
  5. Avocados - Close to 16.7 million lbs transported. In 2021 alone, Americans consumed over 3 billion of the fruit.

So where does this produce come from? A significant portion isn't home-grown.

Top 5 Producing Regions

The origins of these commodities offer insight into the global vs. local production dynamic:

  1. Mexico - Leading with 141.8 million lbs of produce, including all the popular produce this season except grapes, pears, and sweet potatoes.
  2. Washington - 56.1 million lbs; 34.7 million of that being apples.
  3. California-Central - Providing 49.8 million lbs, with a diverse agricultural output from grapes, celery, sweet potatoes, and more.
  4. Idaho - 30.6 million lbs, famous for its potato production.
  5. Arizona - Adding 26.5 million lbs, leading in lettuce output.

Capitalizing on High-Volume Regions: Mexico's dominant position, with 141.8 million lbs of produce, marks it as a key region for freight opportunities. Are you investing in these routes?

Explore the full graph below:

Sources: ThinkFreight | USDA

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