Yellow Employees’ Pay Delay & Uncertain Vacation Pay of $92.9M

Yellow delays final paychecks to its laid-off employees by a day and has $92.9M in vacation pay up in the air after bankruptcy.

Yellow Employees’ Pay Delay & Uncertain Vacation Pay of $92.9M
Image Source: FreightWaves

Yellow, having recently filed for bankruptcy, announced that its employees expecting their final paychecks on Thursday will instead receive them on Friday, due to a court hearing. The company, ceasing operations on July 28, laid off the majority of its 30,000 workforce. Amidst this, $92.9 million in vacation pay for employees remains uncertain. Two non-Teamster-represented employees stated they got their final payments but no compensation for unused vacation time. The Teamsters organization has publicly critiqued Yellow's decisions and expressed support for the affected members. The company has sought bankruptcy protection multiple times in the last 15 years and previously received a $700 million U.S. Treasury loan in 2020.

Source: FreightWaves

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