Andrew Silver, Matt Vogrich Join Jeff Silver at Mastery Logistics Systems

Andrew Silver and Matt Vogrich join Mastery Logistics Systems, founded by Jeff Silver, as EVPs.

Andrew Silver, Matt Vogrich Join Jeff Silver at Mastery Logistics Systems

Andrew Silver and Matt Vogrich have joined Mastery Logistics Systems as EVPs, bringing their expertise and experience to the table.

Andrew Silver's journey in the freight industry began early, working for his father, Jeff Silver, at Coyote Logistics when he was just 16 years old. This upbringing laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

How to Improve Your Freight Brokerage
Maybe you are young, have ambitions of opening your brokerage, and are wondering if it is possible. In this article, I speak to Andrew Silver, the CEO of MoLo Solutions and son of Coyote Logistics founder Jeff Silver. He began working in logistics at 16, and he details his journey

From Foundations at MoLo Solutions

Co-founding MoLo Solutions in 2017 with Matt Vogrich, they led the company to rapid growth, achieving $20 million in gross revenues in its first year. In 2018, MoLo was acquired by ArcBest for $420 million.

Acquisition by ArcBest:

  • In September 2021, ArcBest acquired MoLo Solutions, aiming to bridge the gap in its long-term goal of expanding its asset-light operations.
  • The acquisition significantly boosted ArcBest's consolidated annual revenue to $4.1 billion, with asset-light operations accounting for 44% of total revenue.
  • However, in March 2023, ArcBest made the surprising decision to terminate Andrew Silver and Matt Vogrich from MoLo Solutions.

The Next Chapter: Mastery Logistics Systems

  • Opportunity Awaits: Excited about the prospect of building something new, Silver sees Mastery Logistics Systems as a platform to collaborate with industry leaders, including large asset players, private fleets, shippers, and other brokers.
  • EVP Roles: Silver and Vogrich will be entering positions as Executive Vice Presidents at Mastery, leveraging their brokerage experience to enhance the company's operations and foster growth.

About Mastery Logistics Systems:

  • Founders and Vision: Founded by Jeff Silver and Paul Loeb, Mastery Logistics Systems aims to address key challenges in transportation and logistics through innovative technology solutions.
  • Progress and Partnerships: Mastery Logistics Systems has made significant strides since its inception, attracting investments from industry leaders like Schneider and collaborating with partners such as Prime Inc. and Trailer Bridge to drive success in the industry.

Sources: Andrew Silver/LinkedIn

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