FreightCaviar Visits AM Transport

A freight brokerage with 34 years of history, AM Transport has an impressive 5-Star Google Rating.

FreightCaviar Visits AM Transport

On our recent visit to AM Transport Services, Inc., a freight brokerage located in Olney, right in the south of Illinois, we were welcomed with friendly smiles, immediately getting the vibe of a family-driven environment. This first impression was proven true as we came to understand the heart of this brokerage.

With 34 years in operation,  AM Transport has an impressive near five-star Google rating, which is evidence that they do indeed practice what they preach. 

“When our customers are happy, we are happy," says David Abell, CEO and President. 

We walked into an open office with a communal kitchen and working space; employees could make eye contact across the room. It was a feeling of home – where face-to-face interaction is key.

Abell explained that, unlike most companies, they avoid hiring kids right out of college. Their preference is for individuals with a deeper understanding of community values, with the majority of their 21 employees residing close to Olney and boasting long tenures at the company.

One of our favorite features is a wall lined with toy model trucks of the companies they've worked with over the decades; on another wall, a dartboard hangs.

Their secret to success is obvious: at AM Transport, that hometown feel in the office translates to customers. There's a seamless blend of top service and professionalism combined with care and friendliness that keeps people happy and freight moving smoothly.

You can watch the full video of our visit below.

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