Happy "Lumper Appreciation Week" 2024

May 8 through May 14 is Lumper Appreciation Week. How will you be celebrating?

Happy "Lumper Appreciation Week" 2024

Reed Loustalot, the creator of this ironic celebration, knew just how to strike a chord in the freight community. Why celebrate something that's more of a headache than a help, right?

What's the Deal with Lumpers?

  • What's a Lumper? Essentially, they're the workers who unload trucks at warehouses, usually for a fee. When going through a broker, this fee is generally covered by them.
  • Big Retail's Take: Some big names like Walmart have ditched lumpers, but many still cling to this old-school method.

Community Venting Booth:

Truckers aren't shy about their feelings towards lumpers:

  • Expensive and Slow: Drivers label lumpers as slow-moving and pricey, turning a necessary task into a costly ordeal.
  • A Nod to History: Originally, lumpers were just guys hanging around docks offering to unload trucks for cash. Over time, this morphed into a more formal (yet still grumbled about) business.
  • Mandatory, Much? What started as an optional service has become almost mandatory at some docks, with costs skyrocketing.
"Companies didn't want to pay their drivers to unload their own loads, they wanted to strictly pay per mile since freight rates were already low and drivers weren't going to work unloading for free. Meanwhile, most grocery store chains and docks had strict union laws that prevented dock workers from entering trailers. This is where the concept of third-party lumpers really started to gain popularity." Trucking for Newbies: What are Lumpers?

The Week That Celebrates (or Tolerates) It All:

"Lumper Appreciation Week" might be tongue-in-cheek, but it highlights a major pain point for truckers and brokers alike. The gag helps find some common ground in the frustrations of freight handling.

So, whether you're laughing or cringing, Lumper Appreciation Week serves up a dose of real trucking culture—with a side of sarcasm.

Sources: Trucking for Newbies

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