Know Your Trucker Brings In New Era of Freight Security is setting new standards in freight security with innovative facial recognition technology and a mission to eradicate fraud.

Know Your Trucker Brings In New Era of Freight Security

Security is the foundation of trust and reliability in freight. Founded on the necessity to combat rampant fraud in the freight industry, Know Your Trucker (KYT) introduces an unmatched security mechanism.

Speaking with KYT, FreightCaviar learned more about the platform's creation, its unique approach to AI technology, and its ambitious goal of redefining industry standards.

Filling the Gap with Identity Verification

After witnessing the alarming levels of fraud firsthand for over 16 years, a critical vulnerability was identified: the ease with which bad actors could mask their identities.

The solution was incredibly simple yet ingenious: leveraging the one thing that's nearly impossible to alter – an individual's face. By preventing fraudulent carriers from initiating shipments, KYT aims to eliminate the root cause of double brokering and cargo theft.

Innovating with Facial Recognition and Layered Security

At the core of KYT's operations lies sophisticated facial recognition technology, complemented by a series of layered security protocols. This combination sets KYT apart, providing a security depth unmatched by other market solutions.

The vision was clear: to create a robust barrier against fraud that adapts to threats yet remains user-friendly for legitimate operators.

Overcoming Development Challenges

The path to perfection was not straightforward. Filling in the gaps to prevent potential loopholes required endless iterations and adjustments.

We believe we have the perfect solution and have filled the deep industry need.

"We have tried to manipulate this in every way, shape or form and can not find a gap in our flow.  No double broker is going to want to engage with any broker on our platform because of the consequences."

A New Era in Freight Security

The biggest idea behind KYT is the potential to shift the freight industry's security standards. KYT envisions a future where their AI security tool becomes as fundamental to freight logistics as tracking technologies are today.

The team emphasizes the platform's stringent policy against bad actors, stating, "If they are caught one time... they will never be able to book a shipment from any of the brokers on our platform regardless of how many times they rebrand themselves."

3 Types of Bad Actors KYT Targets:

  • Those who double broker and pay carriers.
  • Those who double broker without intending to pay.
  • Those outright aiming to steal shipments.

Early Feedback and Future Directions

Although still in its early stages of user adoption, KYT's path is promising.

Looking ahead, KYT aims to become the industry standard for preventing fraud and double brokering. The company acknowledges the industry's current challenges and the inherent resistance to change, especially regarding facial recognition technology.

"Change needs to be made in order to overcome these issues."

As KYT continues to evolve, it carries the promise of a new standard in freight security, ensuring that the industry can look forward to a future free from the shadows of fraud.

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