Freight Scam Alert: Impersonators Targeting Carriers

FreightCaviar has been made aware of scammers impersonating major freight brokers like Uber Freight and Prosponsive Logistics.

Freight Scam Alert: Impersonators Targeting Carriers

Two carriers recently contacted FreightCaviar regarding freight broker imposters.

  • Uber Freight Impersonated: Scammers hacked Uber's DAT login, creating a fake load from Simpson, KS using a email. When the carrier searched the Uber Freight load board for the load, it didn't exist.
  • Prosponsive Logistics Fake: Another scam involved a load from Avon Lake, OH, with the fraudster also using a Gmail account.

Phishing Tactics for DAT Logins:

Previously, we wrote about a phishing tactic aimed at brokers to gain access to their DAT accounts.

  • Fake DAT Emails: Scammers are using emails like to mimic DAT, attempting to steal login credentials by asking users to click a link to a dupe DAT login page. From there, the user's details become compromised.

Series of Red Flags:

The scammer attempts to quell suspicions when carrier hesitates.
  • Inconsistencies in Communication: Prosponsive Logistics impersonators claiming they no longer pay for their domain is a red flag.
  • Suspicious Email Domains: Be wary of Gmail accounts claiming to be from large freight brokers.
  • Grammar and Language Issues: Poorly written communication can indicate a scam.
This falsified rate confirmation raised alarms with its Day-Month-Year written date, not standard for U.S. communications, and the @gmail address.

Staying Safe:

  • Verify Load Information: Always double-check load details directly on the broker’s official load board.
  • Use Official Websites: Access DAT and other services directly from their official websites, like, instead of links in emails.
  • Enhanced Vigilance: Stay alert to any inconsistencies or suspicious requests.

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